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About Lucrum Trading Systems

Lucrum is a provider of both discretionary & automatic trading tools for NinjaTrader 7 as well as a trading education & system development consulting company.



Here at Lucrum Trading Systems we are objectively oriented to providing our customers with the resources and tools neccessary to empower profitable trading. From the tools we have available to help give you the edge to the consulting and education that generates a higher level of experience and understanding, we want to see you succeed and accomplish your goals through your own unique trading style.


A History of Trading

Trading is deeply embedded into all of the principals of Lucrum Trading Systems and we create systems, tools and strategies that we trust and use in our own trading practices. Trading is not an easy profession or hobby and requires a tremendous amount of dedication to be successful. The perception many beginning traders have is unfortunately an idea and sense of immediate wealth with little to no effort with a few purchased systems that will achieve consistent gains month after month. This does not exist and will not exist because no system will provide those levels of consistency without risk or drawdown. The systems we sell at Lucrum are designed to generate above average returns however they are not intended to provide any level of reliable income or be your only means of investment. They are intended to provide a level of diversification to your existing investment agenda.

We are here to give you the trading edge, but do not provide you the complete answer to financial sovereignty. We are here to give you the tools to help and the education to succeed.


Why Sell Systems?

This is the common question for any educator or system seller; "If your systems work so well, why do you sell them? Why not just keep them to yourself?" The answer here is simple - while I do generate profit through both my automated and discretionary trading, it is generally not consistent enough whereas I cannot rely on the profits made through trading to support my lifestyle 100%. By selling and offering consulting and educational services I can supplement my income to be more consistent with certainty while letting my trading systems accumulate a larger balance in the future.

Besides the fact that it provides additional and supplemental income, it gives me pride to provide systems and services that I genuinely believe give value to others. I often become frustrated at the level of "snake oil" in the industry which prays on the naivety of others and when I can provide the resources and tools for others to succeed - I succeed as well.


Our Founder

phil antonsonPhil Antonson, founder of Lucrum Trading Systems has been trading for over 10 years; starting from paper trading accounts to managing accounts of friends and family to a hedge fund trader. His ambition and drive for trading excellence has propelled his lust for knowledge and discovery of effective trading methods.

Over the years of educating himself, he has established a set of defined rules of trading methodology. Technical by nature, these components have been translated into mechanical trading systems for both discretionary and automated strategies. By being confident in the systems designed for personal use, he has the confidence in offering some of the same systems to others.

Phil's objective is to provide value-added resources to all traders without the visage of promising riches to everyone, without effort on the trader's part.

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