Add-Ons for NinjaTrader 7 & 8

3rd Party software for the NinjaTrader platform provide capabilities that could never be done with NinjaTrader alone. SharkIndicator’s BloodHound and BlackBird software allows you to quickly and easily design, create, test and deploy partially or fully automated trading systems. BloodHound’s powerful and intuitive user interface provides simple interactions between indicators and system development. BlackBird then allows you to take your system and deploy it with complete trade management. Backtest your system and manage your trades with various risk assessment parameters and order execution rules. 

SharkIndicator’s BloodHound

Create Your Own Automated Systems With No Programming!

BloodHound is a 3rd party add-on for  NinjaTrader that allows you to develop trading systems without needing any programming experience. The easy to use and visual aspect of BloodHound’s creator window is true drag-and-drop simplicity. The robust and thorough availability of different logic nodes ensures that BloodHound can create your system no matter how simple or complex. 

SharkIndicator’s BlackBird

System Backtesting, Trade Management and Order Execution Suite!

BlackBird is SharkIndicator’s advanced trade management system for NinjaTrader. Manage your system’s risk, trades and execution rules through a centralized location. Backtest trading systems with more advanced order entry and risk management rule sets. Then take your system live with the same tool to be in total control of system behavior and trade executions.  


NinjaTrader Portfolio Analyzer

Simulate Automated System Backtests Across Multiple Markets!

The Portfolio Analyzer for NinjaTrader 7 allows you to comprehensively simulate and test various automated systems across multiple markets, a function not native to NinjaTrader.

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