SharkIndicators BloodHound for NinjaTrader

Design and create your own automated trading systems without any of the programming. Rapidly develop and test your own trading systems quickly and easily by utilizing BloodHound’s logic matrix in a true drag-and-drop build environment. Access various outputs of NinjaTrader indicators and compatible 3rd party indicators and software such as Ruby to automate your trading process. No matter how simple or complex your system ideas are, BloodHound can handle the job. 

Ruby BloodHound Example

Design. Build. Test. Research. Iterate. Launch.

The Freedom to Build

Whether you’re building out a system yourself or hiring a programmer to achieve this for you, nothing competes with the level of flexibility you will have with BloodHound. 

  • No programming
  • Complete W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G strategy building
  • No debugging
  • Quickly go from idea to reality
  • Make real-time adjustments

The Freedom to Test

Testing your creation is extremely simple with BloodHound. By using NinjaTrader’s Strategy Analyzer you can quickly backtest your system against the markets of your choosing. 

This allows you to take a concept, build and test to confirm your own trade theories. Something that would have otherwise taken days if not weeks and thousands of dollars can be done in literal minutes with BloodHound. 

Testing a system allows you to proceed with confidence knowing your system performs as you have designed it to. 

BloodHound Backtesting NinjaTrader
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