Trading Training & Education

Lucrum Trading training programs can help you get the most out of your Lucrum product or your own unique trading endeavors. Our training sessions are personalized to focus on what your specific needs are. Below is a brief overview of some of the focused sessions that can be covered. Whether you’re new to a Lucrum product or are looking to develop and implement your own automated or manual trading system, we are here to help. 

Lucrum Ruby System Training

This training is solely focused on the use of the Lucrum Ruby Trading System and how to use the system to accompany your personal trading style and goals. Depending on your specific requirements and levels of experience we can cover the basic functionality to more advanced trade theory and application. Each training session will be uniquely tailored to the topics which you would like to cover and be more proficient on.

Lucrum Ruby training sessions may also cover the use of Ruby in SharkIndicators BloodHound software. 

Training sessions are done through a screensharing application and are scheduled in one hour blocks at a rate of $80 per hour. Please fill out a training request form to schedule your session today.

Automated System Application

Our automated trading system application training session covers the implementation of a trading system onto a live account and the expectations surrounding system performance. 

Often times when a system is developed and continually tested and built upon non-live historical data there are dependencies between how a system behaves in each environment. Automated system application is the thoroughly test that the system has the same behavior in testing scenarios as it does in live and forward testing environments. This problem is often due to improper order execution setup or use of various indicators or bar types which provide impossible trade executions. 

Automated system application consulting will test the functionality of your strategy and confirm or deny realistic emulation of live trading conditions. 

Designing an Automated System

This training will work with you to take your trading theory into something that can be applied to automated trading logic. With years of automated system development experience, I am capable of taking discretionary or technical trading theory and applying it into an automated system through the proper usage of computer logic.

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