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Day trading can be stressful. Overwhelmingly stressful. When you’re closing out that 6th losing trade and you get that sinking feeling that your wallet is now 1k lighter since the morning started, how likely are you to take that 7th winning trade condition with razor sharp precision and execute it according to your plan? Let’s just say it’s easier said than done.

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An auto-trading robot on the other hand will trade without the emotional baggage that a human trader has. And with the alarmingly high percentage of overall trades in the market being executed by autotrading systems today; it’s practically a necessity to have some sort of robotic assistance to remain competitive.

The core feature of Bloodhound is a unique visual programming UI. This allows traders without any programming experience to quickly create automated trading strategies. Bloodhound can then take trades completely on its own using SiRaven, included for free.

Imagine your role evolving to more of a planner and researcher; letting the robots do the hard work while you oversee their progress and tweak your trading systems from a bird’s eye view. No more death grips on your innocent mouse.

Plan your attack. Execute flawlessly. Review… Now that’s how it’s done with confidence.


Bloodhound is a relentless and loyal companion that saves you tremendous time. It does the heavy lifting when you need a hand and sniffs out the trades specified by your trade system. No more squinting at the monitor looking at a haystack of indicators for a signal. BloodHound is your bird-dog. A bird-dog that always has it’s eye on the prize and executes on command.

BloodHound User Interface

In the time it takes you to manually design, code, test and debug your first crack at a trade system you could be on your 25th iteration with BloodHound. And if you still need to custom code additional logic, integrating it with BloodHound is fast and easy. You get the best of both worlds; ultimate customization + BloodHound’s speed and flexibility.


Staring at your screen waiting for back-test results is about as tedious as waiting in line for hours at the DMV, and what’s fun about that? If you’re human, likely you answered: Nothing.

With BloodHound you make changes to your strategy in real time and see the results immediately. It’s like an express pass. You can tweak your strategy with so little time and effort that you’ll wonder how you functioned without it.

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