Lucrum Forte

Lucrum Forte Automated Trading System is a fully automated trading system for use on the S&P E-mini futures market. This system only trades at the most opportune times which coincides with acceptable risk:reward parameters. This means that the frequency of trades is about once per week. This system is best suited for diversifying additional investment methods and has a suggested minimum account balance of $10,000 USD.

These results were not traded in a live account, please read hypothetical risk disclosure below.
Forte automated system results

Forte automated Emini system backtest results from 2007 to 5/5/2020.

System Information

Forte is designed to follow the principles of letting your winners run and cutting losses short. Effective in a plethora of market conditions, Forte has shown consistency of continued performance benchmarks since its inception in 2014. This system has the expectancy to have slightly fewer winning to losing traders (~43%) however the ratio of average trade wins to loss is ~2.11.

This system handles volatile conditions quite well and historically has shown a slight short bias at ~%57. Due to the limited bias towards market direction the system has shown consistent performance in bearish markets as well. 

Forte requires no continued adjustments or optimization. The parameters of the system are only to define session times which may vary between geographical locations. 

Lucrum Forte Trade Examples

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