Portfolio Analyzer for NinjaTrader 7


  • Combine performance of numerous trading systems in to one single report (Demo mode is limited to two systems).
  • Powerful graphs displaying important performance measures
  • Flexible portfolio design
  • Periodic calculations including VAMI (Value Added Monthly Index), Sharpe ratio, and Sortino ratio

Summary Page:

Review information such as total net profit, profit factor, maximum drawdown, percent profitable and more.

NinjaTrader portfolio analyzer summary page

Graphs Page:

View detailed graphs on cumultaed net profit, drawdown, trade profit and loss, maximum adverse excursion and maximum favorable excursion.

Ninjatrader portfolio analyzer chart page

Periodic Page:

View returns daily, monthly or annually. Calculate Sharpe ratio and Sortino based on the display period.

Trades Page:

View detailed trade by trade information for every trade in the portfolio.

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