NinjaTrader Trading Tools

Lucrum Trading Systems offers a variety of indicators, automated systems and add-ons for the NinjaTrader platform. These tools are designed by traders for traders and offered at affordable rates for everyone. Our experience as traders and NinjaScript Ecosystem developers ensures that our products are ones that are tried, tested and reliable. Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish in your trading, we have the right tools to help you.  


Our Most Popular System for NinjaTrader! 

Ruby, Lucrum Trading System’s flagship product is a powerful trading toolbox that enables traders to visualize price action and trading opportunities quickly and easily. With it’s full compatibility with BloodHound, both discretionary and automated traders will find Ruby in their trading arsenal.

NinjaTrader indicator icon

Lucrum Trading Systems indicators for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 provide unique interactions for new observations with your trading. These indicators offer additional insight to improve your trading.

Ninjatrader automated systems icon

Our automated trading systems for NinjaTrader 7 provide an ideal method to explore fully automated trading. Best used to supplement your existing trading portfolio. 

Our offering of NinjaTrader add-ons grant the ability to do much more than the native client can offer. These powerful tools can take your automated trading and analytics to the next level. 

NinjaTrader custom bar types

Lucrum Trading System’s flagship bar type, Vision Renko is a truly accurate Renko bar. From backtesting to live trading you can be confident that your Renko bar type is accurate to reality. 

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