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See price action clearly and with definition using the tools of the professional grade Lucrum Ruby Trading System. Promotion sale $100 off for a limited time to celebrate our associateship with NinjaTrader!

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Lucrum Ruby for NinjaTrader 7 and Ninjatrader 8 is a traders toolbox of custom indicators that are designed to give you the competitive edge when trading on any market. Our deep algorithmic components give visual cues for both long and short trading opportunities. The system works with many different trading styles and works equally well across all traded markets.

Our system was designed to give any trader, regardless of experience or skill a tool to help position themselves on the correct side of the market with systematic reliability. The vision and objective for this system was to apply a series of tried and true trading methodologies and combine it into a visually clear, concise and actionable all-in-one system. Give Ruby a try today and see for yourself.

8 Tools, 1 custom bar type, multiple strategies, one system.

Only $395 for life

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PAttern Recognition

By using the high/low ranges of the deviation ranges of price movement, the Ruby system is capable of identifying several key breakout patterns such as bullish and bearish channels.

Color Coded Trade Signals

Based on the internal workings of the system, Lucrum Ruby produces color coded trade signals which will display both implied strength and direction. These signals do not repaint.

Vision Renko Bar Type

The Vision Renko Bar Type is the most accurate bar type available on NinjaTrader 7 and provides the most realistic price movement of any Renko based chart. Our Renko is also 100% backtest accurate.

Trend Identification

The Ruby system is capable of displaying the direction of the market with complete clarity. By using the color coded bars and the moving bands, one will have a stronger sense of where price is trending. Our proprietary algorithm finds the trading opportunities for you.

Fibonacci Levels

Real-time Fibonacci levels are displayed and updated as the deviation ranges develop. These Fibonacci retracement levels can be used to identify key points of support or resistance as well as provide stop loss and take profit levels.

Dynamic Volatility Stop

The stepped true range volatility stop dynamically adjusts as price moves to provide the trader with an excellent source for a stop loss/take profit.

Support/Resistance Monitoring

Enabling the high/low extentions, you can easily project previous high and lows based on the apexes of the deviation ranges. This is especially handy when establishing stop loss and take profit levels.

Color Pallete Changing

Use the built in inputs to change the colors of all components of the Lucrum Ruby system.

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Comprehensive Use and Trading Guide

Every purchase of the Ruby Trading System includes a complete traders manual and guide to the use and application of the components of the system. With the trading guide, you will learn about each component of the Ruby system and how coupled together creates a easy and concise rule based strategy.

Not only does the guide give you the detailed steps of how to use and apply the methodology of the Ruby system but it covers a broader range of trader theory, capital and risk management.

What our Customers Think

Mike H "I also wanted you to know; I've been checking out some high dollar software which supposedly has some super top secret algorithms behind it. I put everything through Bloodhound to compile my ideas into a single, concise direction. By adjusting some of your parameters, I actually achieve more accurate results. Thanks."

Larry F "Being a relatively new trader trading crude futures I found the Ruby trading system to really help me with the overall success of my trading. The system is visually oriented and allows me to quickly determine opportunities that support my strategy. I recommend Ruby to all traders, novice or otherwise because of the sheer quantity of applicable tools to use. Thank you."

Bernard "I'd like to thank you for this tool, it has certainly become the cornerstone to my trading and find it to be simple yet detailed with a multitude of ways to use it. With it, I'm able to more or less consistently turn profits on both crude and the e-mini week after week."

Sam R "This product would have saved me a lot of effort and money (lost) had I had it sooner. I'm fully enjoying the clarity of the pricing trends and the Renko bars help smooth everything out a little bit more. I think that this has already paid for itself a dozen times over over the course of the year trading on the side."


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