Ruby FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Lucrum Ruby trading system. If there are any questions that the FAQ didn’t cover that you would like to know, please contact us!

Does Ruby work with NinjaTrader 8?

Yes – Ruby works with and is fully supported on both NinjaTrader 7 and 8. 

Can I day trade with Ruby?

Absolutely – Ruby is designed to operate in a plethora of different trading styles including but not limited to day trading, swing trading, trend following trading. 

I'm new to trading, is Ruby good for new traders?

Absolutely – Ruby was designed by a professional trader, for professional use however its simple to use nature and visual clarity provides great access to new, limited experience and professional traders alike.

What markets work with Ruby?

Ruby works with every tradeable market that I have experienced. This system is not specifically tailored to work for any particular market. Ruby’s parameter settings offer a wide customizable range for virtually all markets and trading styles. 

Is Ruby only for futures trading?

No, definitely not. While Ruby was initially designed for commodity futures trading on the NinjaTrader platform it works exceptionally well in various tradeable markets be it equities or Forex. Ruby will work with virtually all, charted, tradeable markets. 

Am I alerted to the trade signals?

Yes – There is an audible notification whenever a new trade trigger signal is formed. The audible sound that plays can be customized to whichever sound you would like. 

Can you automate Ruby? / Is Ruby an automated system?

Ruby is not classified as an automated system however it can easily be converted to one with the BloodHound software from Shark Indicators. Ruby boasts about 20 unique outputs which can be used to automate. A BloodHound template is provided upon purchase of Ruby. 

Do you provide a template for BloodHound?

Yes – A template for BloodHound for use with the Ruby system is provided upon purchase. This template will have all available outputs referenced as well as a simple automated system template. 

Is my Ruby license transferrable?

Yes – If you need to move your license of Ruby to another computer for whatever reason (upgrade/malfunction) all you need to do is contact us, provide your purchase email address and we can get that swapped very quickly. 

Is the Vision Renko bar type required to trade with Ruby?

No – Vision Renko was developed in conjunction with Ruby and is included with any purchase of Ruby however you do not need to use to use the system. Ruby works extremely well across a number of different bar types from standard OHLC, volume or range bars. 

Do you have a trading room?

No – Lucrum Trading Systems unfortunately does not operate any type of trading room nor anticipates one in the future. We do however offer full support of Ruby or any of our products as well as offer one on one training to make sure you get the most out of our software. 

Are updates free?

Yes – Any updates for Ruby are free to all current Ruby users. Ruby however is not often updated as the core components are solid and require no reiterations. The updates are generally all for QoL and compatibility. 

Is the a license renewal fee?

No – There will never be an annual license renewal fee or an update fee. The price you pay is the only price you will pay forever. 

What kind of support is provided?

Lucrum prides itself on a high quality level of personalized support. Any technical support as well as initial setup support is provided for free. Additional training can be provided at nominal hourly rates. Learn more here

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