Services at Lucrum

Lucrum Trading Systems offers a variety of services to help improve your trading. From our trading system software for NinjaTrader to personalized consulting sessions, our goal is to share our knowledge and success as traders with others. 

Trading Tools

Lucrum Trading Systems offers a variety of trading tools for NinjaTrader to get the very most out of your trading. Between our flagship Ruby system, bar types, add-ons, indicators and automated systems there is something for all traders. 

Automated Systems

Fully automated E-mini trading systems for NinjaTrader. These trading systems require no human intervention and are designed to “set it and forget it.”

System Consulting

Are you looking to create your own logic based trading system but don’t know where to start? System consulting services looks at the logic surrounding your system and discover effective ways to emulate that logic in a mechanical and rule based way. 

System Testing

Do you have a trading system but are not confident in how it will perform in a live environment? Trading systems will sometimes operate with hindsight bias which generates unrealistic expectations outside of backtested scenarios. Our system testing services look into order executions and repeatability as well as possible curve fit inefficiencies. 

System Optimization

Get the most out of your trading system by utilizing professional optimization tactics. Get a thorough, unbiased analysis of your system’s performance and discover how to get the most out of your system without falling victim of curve fitting follies. 

Trading Education

Lucrum Trading training programs can help you get the most out of your Lucrum product or your own unique trading endeavors. Our training sessions are personalized to focus on what your specific needs are.

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