Lucrum Video Guides & Resources

This page contains various videos which are designed to give various demonstrations of various Lucrum Trading Systems products. From download and installation to real world trade examples this page will contain them all. 

Ruby Trading System

Download & Installation of Ruby

This video covers how to download, install and begin using Ruby on the NinjaTrader 8 platform.

Overview of Ruby features and functions

This video is a brief overview of the various features and functions of the Ruby system for NinjaTrader.

Integrating Ruby with SharkIndicators BloodHound*

This video demonstrates how to easily begin accessing the multitude of various outputs of Ruby within BloodHound. This video will also give an explanation of these outputs and how they can be integrated into an automated system.

*Requires the BloodHound software.

Building and Testing a Basic Automated System with Ruby + BloodHound*

This video demonstrates how to begin creating your own unique automated trading system logic with the help of Ruby and BloodHound. This video will not only go over how to build system logic but also how to begin testing your system through NinjaTrader’s backtest functionality.

*Requires the BloodHound software.

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