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Professionally developed trading systems, indicators and tools designed for the NinjaTrader 7/8 platform to give you the edge in the competitive trading landscape.

Lucrum Ruby
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Lucrum Ruby Day Trader

Lucrum Ruby Trading System

Advanced NinjaTrader 7/8 Trading Strategy Toolbox

All-In-One Trading System that provides you with the winning edge and skills necessary to succeed in trading futures, forex, or equities. This chart enchancement suite generates actionable trading signals to simplify and empower your trading. 

Features of Ruby for NinjaTrader
  • Pattern Formation Recognition

  • Actionable Trading Signals

  • Price Trend Identification

  • Fibonacci Extension Levels

  • Fully Compatible with BloodHound to Automate

  • Complete Visual and Parameter Customization

  • Much More

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Discover the Tools to Improve Your NinjaTrader Trading

NinjaTrader indicator icon

Professional indicators for NinjaTrader 8 and 7. 

NinjaTrader custom bar types

Accurate Renko bar type for both backtesting and live applications.

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Fully automated NinjaTrader futures trading systems.

Software Specifically Designed for NinjaTrader

Lucrum Trading Systems is proud to use NinjaTrader as their premier trading platform. Our proprietary software with years of development is fully realized with the power and capabilities of the NinjaTrader platform. Give it a try today for free and see if NinjaTrader is right for you too. 

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What we specialize in

Explore the various services that Lucrum Trading Systems has to offer to improve your trading.

Indicators, add-ons and systems to help improve your trading.

Fully automated futures trading strategies for your portfolio.

Help take your trading idea into a trading reality

Ensure that your trading system will hold up to your standards and perform consistently.

Discover ways to get measurable improvements with your automated system.

Learn how to get the most out of Lucrum products or trading in general.


I also wanted you to know; I’ve been checking out some high dollar software which supposedly has some super top secret algorithms behind it. I put everything through Bloodhound to compile my ideas into a single, concise direction. By adjusting some of your parameters, I actually achieve more accurate results. Thanks.

Mike H.
Ruby Trader

Being a relatively new trader trading crude futures I found the Ruby trading system to really help me with the overall success of my trading. The system is visually oriented and allows me to quickly determine opportunities that support my strategy. I recommend Ruby to all traders, novice or otherwise because of the sheer quantity of applicable tools to use. Thank you.

Larry F.
Ruby Trader

I’d like to thank you for this tool, it has certainly become the cornerstone to my trading and find it to be simple yet detailed with a multitude of ways to use it. With it, I’m able to more or less consistently turn profits on both crude and the e-mini week after week.

Ruby Trader

This product would have saved me a lot of effort and money (lost) had I had it sooner. I’m fully enjoying the clarity of the pricing trends and the Renko bars help smooth everything out a little bit more. I think that this has already paid for itself a dozen times over over the course of the year trading on the side.

Sam R.
Ruby Trader

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Lucrum Ruby System

Vision Renko Bar Type

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BloodHound Ultimate 
+ Ruby Lifetime License Bundle

$1,290 $995

Lucrum Ruby System

Vision Renko Bar Type

Free Updates

Comprehensive Manual

Free Support

Shark Indicators BloodHound Ultimate License

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